Due to the gradual increase in van crime over the years, we have been fitting more and more van security in the Kent area. The main additional locks we fit to vans are:

Deadlocks – Which allow the van user to decide whether to keep the deadlocks locked or unlocked. These are generally user by owner drivers, or small companies which can rely on their drivers locking the vehicle when necessary.

Slamlocks – Which automatically locks the door, requiring the key to open the door every time. These are generally used by couriers or by companies with a fleet vans, as they have the comfort in knowing that the van is locked as soon as the door is closed.

Ultimate Locks – Which are a high security, highly visual security lock which are generally used by companies securing high value stock and tools. These are available as either a deadlock or a slamlock.

We can install any of these locks at your home, or your place of work, allowing you to carry on working whilst we protect your tools and business.